The Current About

I write, always. Coming up with new formats, concepts and entire worlds is easy for me. I started when I was little and I love it now more than ever. Everything just makes more sense when I turn it into a story.

I have spent a damn long time observing the world and thinking about it. And I really do feel all of that thinking has brought me to greater quality. Every project has been insightful, a discovery of new routes. I am very open-minded and love all things difficult. If someone tells me something is impossible I will totally interpret this as an invitation to prove the opposite.

Although my topics are complex I am a firm believer in both simplicity and structure. When we narrowly define the theme, we can really get to the bottom of it. It will extend vertically in layer upon layer upon layer.

For the past three years I have been leading a team of writers in developing an international tv series and this required a new sense of control as me and my team were essentially writing three films. This has made me deeply embedded to structure and craftsmanship. Something I thought other-worldly and magical turned out to be more in my hands than I ever thought possible. It feels unbelievably good to divide the drama over an entire season and write to make each moment count towards a desired ending.

Both film and comics have stolen my heart because I love how an image can speak. The stroke of a single line can communicate deep meanings, can trigger memories, can make us feel recognised and less lonely in human existence. It is equally so in film, the picture tells us what to feel before the words do.

I love words. I love pictures.

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